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NHL Analytics Tracking of 8U Hockey Players

February 7th, 2015|0 Comments

Want to know what the real benefits are of cross-ice hockey… check out this study […]

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Know When to Say Nothing

February 5th, 2015|Comments Off on Know When to Say Nothing

Good learning involves a mixture of watching, listening, thinking, imagining, talking and trying things out. […]

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How to Impress Your Coach at Tryouts

December 12th, 2014|Comments Off on How to Impress Your Coach at Tryouts

It’s that time of year again… pre-season tryouts. Whether you are a returning ‘veteran’ or […]

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The 5-Star Plan

December 12th, 2014|Comments Off on The 5-Star Plan

The hockey season is rolling around again. Hopefully, you’ve had a good summer and are […]

Word of Mouth

Serious coaches. Coaches who want to learn. Coaches that challenge themselves to get better every day. Coaches determined to be the best they can be. These are the coaches who attend the RNCC.
Jay Woodcroft, Edmonton Oilers
The speakers at the clinic are all first class and it is a great place to learn about the game.
Jon Christiano, Buffalo Sabres
The spirit for sharing and learning creates a strong sense of camaraderie, but even more important than that is the way every coach in attendance – presenters and participants – is able to to recognize the opportunity we have as leaders to help our teams learn more of what it means to honor the great game of hockey.
Eric Hoffberg,
It is hard to put into words what the clinic has meant to me and given me over all of these years… a mountain of knowledge, numerous contacts – and above all… some great friendships.
Larry Huras, MODO Hockey
Thanks a lot for a great weekend. It was worth the trip from Saskatchewan.
Casey O'Brien, Yorkton Terriers
Being able to listen to, learn from, and speak to some of the brightest minds in the coaching fraternity proved invaluable for my growth as a coach.
Jay Woodcroft, Edmonton Oilers
Just wanted to pass along an email and say how much I enjoyed the weekend in Windsor.
Kris Knoblauch, Erie Otters - OHL
My strongest impression from this experience has been the commitment to a well rounded agenda. The participants are provided with a tremendous range of perspective and content for how to make their teams better and how to make themselves better.
Eric Hoffberg,
I have been a professional hockey coach for over 25 years and the Neilson clininc is the one clinic I do every summer because I know that they consistantly deliver the goods. It is informative, fun and the contacts I have made here have helped me develop many friendships at all levels of hockey.
Larry Huras, MODO Hockey
Roger Neilson had a passion for hockey and training up players and coaches… the RNCC has continued Roger’s dream of raising up better coaches so that they can share their knowledge and passion with their players.
Jon Christiano, Buffalo Sabres

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